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IBM Cloud - From Spreadsheets to Cloud Hosted Dashboards Under 30 Minutes

IBM Cloud - From Spreadsheets to Cloud Hosted Dashboards Under 30 Minutes

IBM’s cloud computing offering - IBM Cloud provides a scalable infrastructure, and platform as a service to organizations from small size to enterprise capacity. The offering is characteristic of its transparent, minimalistic, yet powerful environment for computing and Business Intelligence needs. This article aims to demonstrate how the IBM Cloud Services can be easily used to convert a boring and simple spreadsheet to a mighty enterprise-ready BI dashboard with scalable visualizations across an organization, under 30 minutes for free.

IBM Cloud - An Introduction

In the following video, we can understand how tedious the development lifecycle was for building dashboards and hosting online initially and how the cloud push can be done with much ease using IBM Cloud now.

IBM Cloud Signup - A Speed Run

An account to access IBM Cloud for free, can be done under a minute with no credit card information (We aren’t kidding) ❤️. Head over to and create your account today. Here’s how we did it.

In the above video, the spreadsheet for the exercise can be downloaded from the following URL:

Creating your dashboard on IBM Cloud and Sharing

The dashboards can be created using IBM Watson Studio and hosted using Cognos Dashboard Embedded Service as explained in the video below:

And that concludes how quick it is to go from simple spreadsheets to cloud-hosted BI Dashboard under 30 minutes, using IBM Cloud.

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