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Postgres: Optimization & Beyond

Postgres, one of the widely used Relational Database Management System; has been widely adopted due to it's ability to handle different workloads such as web services, warehouses, etc.
Fun Fact: The name Postgres comes from it's predecessor originated from UC Berkley's Ingres Database (INteractive GRaphics iterchangE System; meaning it's Post-INGRES). There are times when the performance is straight forward and in other cases when the expected performance is not met; the Database requires some tweaking in the form of structural modifications to the table, Query Tuning, Configuration improvements, etc.

This article will provide some useful pointers and action plans to become a power-user in optimizing postgres.

What to do when a query is slow?

In most of the cases, the occurrence of a slow query is due to the absence of indexes, for those field that are being used in the where clause of the query.

That should have solved the problem, right? RIGHT?


I hear you; Life…